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Usage - tips and informations


1. Put the half pad on the saddle pad. Half pad have to lie evenly on both sides.

2. When you put on the saddle on the horse, pull the top of the half pad together with the saddle pad to make characteristic "spike" to leave the space for the withers.

3. Align the half pad evenly under the panels. Winderen Back Protect Solution half pad can work properly only when the saddle panels adhere to it with their entire surface.

Cover replacement

1. Fully unzip the zippers along the entire length of half pad. Hold the front of the half pad with your hand and gently pull out the inserts.

2. Remember that Winderen Back Protect Solution has 3 technological foams that needs to be inserted in a right direction. When you replaced cover, be careful to put inserts back in the cover properly.

3. Bend the insert into the roll for easier exchange. After placing them inside, align half pad with hand and make sure that insert lie smoothly inside.

Felt correction panels replacement.

1. Correction half pad set includes two special insert covers with three pockets for felt correction panels and 18 correction panels (3 for each pocket with a unique shape for each one).

2. To facilitate the panels placement, bend the felt corrections panels gently and straighten it  after putting in correct position.

3. When you want to insert more than one felt correction panel in one pocket, put them together before putting them in the pocket.

Additional information

Half pad stiffens in the cold temperature, but it does not change its properties. After putting to a horse, it warms up in a few moments.

Clean the half pad cover with a damp sponge when it's necessary, or wash it (after removing the inside layers) in a temperature of 30˚C.

The pad comes back up to the original shape after 1 minute, so it can be used on many horses and many saddles.

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