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We started working on our stirrups having years of experience in the saddle on our own and after countless hours of conversations with riders on every level of their training. It is no secret that horse riding is a dangerous sport - many people suffer from injuries. Very often it is a result of excessive forces having an impact on legs and joints.

Remember the process we are a part of! When landing, the horse's legs are loaded with huge force. This is an incredible amount of energy, which is mostly absorbed by the animal's limbs. But not entirely. Every rider, and in particular a jumper, knows how much of this energy is absorbed by our bodies, and especially our feet.

Our goal was to create innovative stirrups that would consume as much energy as possible while leaving the riders the comfort of the pressure applied on the stirrup and the required support. When working on this product, we focused on two important factors - the kinetic energy absorber system and the footpad that allows continuous contact with the stirrup. During the research, it turned out that in most cases the stirrups move or fall out not by slipping off the feet (grips prevent that), but by micromovements in the rigid system of stirrup leather - stirrup.

By combining the functions of the grip, with the kinetic energy absorption system we have managed to create a whole new kind of stirrup in which maintaining a very stable foot position has become much easier.

Taking into account the different preferences of the riders, we made it possible to individually adjust the tilt of the footpad, giving it the ability to adjust it both classically and up to a tilt of the order of 5 degrees. In the kinetic energy absorption system we wanted to give riders the same comfort regardless of their weight. The difference in the force acting on players weighing 50 kilograms, and those weighing 90 kilograms is huge. Through the use of smart materials adapted to body weight rider we have achieved this goal.

We have created a product that everyone can use according to their needs, regardless of weight, foot setting preferences or obstacle heights and training loads.

For several months we have been testing prototype models in a wide range of riders, including high class riders. Trials and collected observations have convinced us that the solution we designed meets the expectations of users. We made the decision to introduce the stirrups for serial production, most likely to be officially presented in March 2018.



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