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Tack Lockers

We started the work on tack lockers when we could not find a product that would meet our expectations - versatile, functional, ergonomic, and at the same time offering the right fit for the elegance and good taste.

Working on the technical features, and at the same time, an exclusive look turned out to be a real challenge. During the tests we decided that we will not go into any compromises - we have to create a tack trunk that we will proudly use and enjoy.

So, in a nutshell, the dream tack locker was created. One product that combines functionality, beautiful look and everything you need for both the competition and the everyday use.

Automation is the word that defines this product. The Winderen tack locker has an electric drive that allows for its unlimited mobility and, thanks to the mechanism employed, also enters the horse trap. The built-in freezer allows the freezing of cool packs to -25 Celsius degrees. The fully automated system of folding inner hangers and a built-in electric drier for shoe covers, pads, gloves and helmets will help keep your equipment in a perfect condition regardless of the weather. In addition, there is also a separated from the equipment wardrobe.

All this is fully integrated with indoor and outdoor lighting. We also focus on safety. You can open the tack locker in the way you choose - by code, key or RFID card, and secure your valuables in the safe inside. We also take care of entertainment and access to media - the locker has a built-in player (radio and MP3 player) and slots for charging phones.

We are currently in the testing phase with riders and we are preparing to start mass production. The launch of Winderen tack locker is scheduled for the end of 2018.

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